15 Foods That Can Actually Kill You

You will agree with me that when it comes to food, one can think of so much to say about it. So many things like it keeps us nourished, it brings us together most of the time, keeps us from visiting the hospital every now and then you know. In short, food is a basic need but did you know that certain foods can actually kill you?

Bitter ones can actually be packed with cyanide while raw and have to undergo heat treatment in order to eliminate this toxin that is very hazardous to one’s health.

This may come as a shocker, but it is very true and this particular post highlights fifteen foods that can actually kill you.

1. Apples


Even apples?

Well yes. Apple seeds contain cyanide, a toxic substance.

Pesticides sprayed onto the apples also have a tendency of clinging to their skin and during the picking, they will often be waxed into the apple which is harmful.

It is therefore advisable to wash the apple thoroughly before eating and also, avoid the core.