15 Misleading Health Tips You Need To Forget About

People will do anything just to stay healthy and as a result, there are always tips emerging on how to stay healthy. You’ve probably come across so many but a good number of them are actually not true. You should actually be careful with the tips you follow so that you do not put yourself at risk while trying to do the opposite.

Here are fifteen health tips you need to forget about.

1. You should always use antibacterial soap

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com

Funny that this is a health tip given in order to keep germs away but did you know that your sanitizer used too often could have a negative effect on your body? Shocking right? The thing is hand sanitizers contain an antibacterial agent called Triclosan that could affect your thyroid and cause weight gain because the hormones in the thyroid are responsible for metabolism. Research has shown relatively higher levels of Triclosan in people who work at hospitals mostly because these antibacterials are mostly used there. These levels are tied to a 0.9 percent BMI increase. So instead of using antibacterial soaps to wash your hands, just use the normal soaps.