15 Scientific Facts About The Brain

The brain is perhaps the most powerful organ in the body. It tells us what to do. Literally controls every single action we take. Movement, sleep, you name it but you would be amazed by just how much more there is to this powerful organ.

In recent times, scientists have discovered so much about the brain and dispelled certain myths or misconceptions people had.

So here are fifteen scientific facts about the brain.

1. The brain actually only reaches full maturity when one turns twenty-five



Ever wondered why babies have big heads? Well, the reason for that is as easy as, it needs to be that big to facilitate the growth of the brain.

Very interesting that a two-year-old child has a brain that is about eighty percent of an adult’s and it is worth noting that it is only up to the time one turns twenty-five that their brain becomes fully mature. So yes, a teenager still has their brain growing.

That said, parents are encouraged to let their children read out loud as this facilitates their brain development. They are also encouraged to talk loudly to their children, as weird as it may sound to enable the same.

Note also, that the brain of a child who is learning to play a musical instrument can develop to a further extent than that of a child who is not.