15 Warning Body Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Our body is constantly communicating with us, sending different kinds of messages to us with sensations and feelings. It’s up to us to interpret these signals and make a change if needed. There are some of them which are pretty obvious: you feel hungry, its time to eat, you are getting sleepy its time to sleep.

But what about the other symptoms — those which aren’t so clear?

Here is a list that might help:

1. Stomach Pain



Everybody experiences mild or severe short or persistent stomach pains during our lives. The most common cause of this is transient gastritis, which can be caused by stress-induced acid exaggeration, viral or bacterial infection, spicy food, or high consumption of alcohol. In such cases, with a few days of diet the use of acid-reducing medicines, the complaints disappear quickly. However, there are some symptoms that cannot be prevented by “home therapy”. If the stomachache is accompanied by one of the following symptoms: swallowing pain, regular vomiting, bleeding, weight loss, and sleep disturbances, it is important to consult your general doctor, as further checks are needed to properly diagnose the disease.