15 Worst Exercises For People Over 40

2. Standing Toe Touch

Source: fitnessmyself.com/

This one can be easy to see why it’s going to be bad for you if you are over 40. It’s an exercise that puts a lot of stress in your lower back, and quite a bit on your neck as well. When you are young, that isn’t too much of a problem, because your joints are stronger and quite a bit more flexible. However, when you get older, that is not the case anymore, with the joint between your lower back and your hip getting much weaker. Because of this, doing a standing toe touch can lead to injuries on your lower back that might range from minor injuries to serious ones. Because of the way your neck is suffering the weight of your torso in this position, it might also lead to neck problems. In general, it’s wiser to do exercises that will gently stretch your back without causing problems, for example, some yoga positions like child’s pose and sphinx pose.


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