40 Best Superfoods To Eat After Turning 40

I am a big advocate of the saying that age is just a number. We may belong to any age group and still feel like a sweet sixteen year old. However, there is no harm in being a little careful with our food habits after our big 40s. Even if our hearts don’t age, our bodies surely do. As we grow older, our metabolisms grow slower and diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol becomes unavoidable. We present to you a list of 40 superfoods that you can guiltlessly enjoy even in your 40s.

1. Plant Based Milk

Source: pexels.com

Cow’s and goat’s milk are full of lactose which can lead you to have a bloated stomach. It is best to reduce the amount of milk in our daily diets in order to lead a healthier life. Plant-based milks are great substitutes as they are much healthier and easier to digest. The possibilities are also endless, ranging from soya milk, almond milk to even coconut milk.