Foods No Braces User Should Ever Eat

Having Braces in the mouth induces pain, and it gets worse if there are food particles stuck in the mouth. You might find it difficult to brush the braces. However, the outcome is worth it. The foods listed below, are advised to be avoided for those using Braces, and the list also contains those foods which require extra care during eating.

1.Stingy Candy, Taffy and Caramel

This trio listed has the capacity to remove the braces already fixed to your teeth. Also, when candy is trapped under the braces, there is a tendency for your teeth to experience decay if it does not come off. Irrespective of the fact that stringy candy, taffy and caramel are sweet substances, they should be taken moderately.

2. Gum

People chew Gum for all sorts of reasons, some could be for sporting purposes, others could be to eliminate nausea. Gum can get stuck in your braces, making it very difficult to remove. Gum cannot dissolve in saliva, the fragments would definitely remain, until they are pulled out little by little.

3. Popcorn

It is quite a task for braces users to chew popcorn. Even for individuals who have no braces, popcorn is difficult to eat. They can get wedged in your teeth, making it nearly impossible to remove, without having to take the braces off. This process could be painful, and infections could occur thereafter.

4. Nuts, Seeds and Chunky Peanut Butter

Nuts, seeds and chunky peanut butter belong to the same category, and they are known to have a similar solid structure and texture. When you chew on something solid, there is a tendency that the braces would misalign. These food substances can get into points where they would be very difficult to remove.

5. Beef Jerky

When it comes to having a delicious taste, Beef Jerky is one which keeps you coming back for more. However, this food is very difficult to tear and chew, hence your braces could get damaged in the process. The fibers present have the tendency to get stuck in your teeth, making you feel uncomfortable.

6. Soda, Sports Drinks and Fruit Juice

Soda,sports drinks and fruit juice are conventional drinks which we take on a regular basis. These drinks are known to contain high levels of acid and sugar. So, when they are taken everytime, even with the braces on, there is a high tendency that decay would set in.

7. Inedibles

It is a common sight to find most children and even some adults, chew on substances which are not in the food category. Inedibles are not food substances, they are regular materials which we put unintentionally in our mouth, such as biting our fingernails amongst others. Chewing on inedibles, has the tendency to cause damage to the braces.

8. Hard Candy

Hardly would you find anyone who does not love taking candies, they come with a nice taste which would leave you longing for more. However, they should not be taken every time. If they are taken in large quantities, tooth decay could occur. If the candy is sucked rather than being chewed, the braces might remain unaffected.

9. Hard Cookies
Not everyone loves hard cookies. To make this easier for those who love hard cookies and have braces on, all you need do, is to put your cookies in milk prior to eating, in order to soften it, and make it safe for your braces. For you to enjoy your cookies, it should be done moderately.

10. Corn on the Cob, Carrots and Apples

Dental specialists have advised that when you have braces on, the front teeth should not be used to bite anything, as the front brackets could loosen, and the wires bent. The corn on the cob should be removed before eating, the same applies to carrots and apples.

11. Pizza Crust, Bagels and Soft Pretzels

Pizza crust, bagels and soft pretzels could present difficulties when chewing, so it is better to bite, then cut into little fragments before you chew with a great deal of care. There is a need for you to protect your teeth, in ensuring that it does not go through strenuous chewing action.

12. Burgers

On a conventional basis, burgers are safe to eat. However, they could pose a threat to those who have braces on, especially if they are quite stocked up. So, it is best that they are cut into reduced bits, instead of putting your front teeth at risk by biting right in.

13. Meat on the Bone

For those who love meat, it is advised that the meat is totally removed because of the braces. This is hinged on the fact that, an accident could occur when chewing the meat, as you could cut right through the bone, thereby damaging the braces and your teeth as well.

14. Ice

People play with ice for all sorts of reasons, and via various media such as the mouth, hands and the likes. For ice-lovers, it is best advised that you stay away from breaking ice when you are putting on braces. However, if your gums are feeling sore, you can suck ice to relieve the pain.

15. Carrots

Gnawing on carrots might be ideal if you are on a weight loss journey, want to up your Vitamin A intake, or just generally love the taste of this beta-carotene rich favorite of Bugs Bunny, but if you have braces, biting into a carrot can be painful or even have negative consequences, not to mention bits and pieces getting stuck in your braces or discoloring your smile. Try grating or shaving them instead, if you can't resist them.